Shannon Hernandez lead this Training!

Creating Your Energetic Access Map

Join Shannon for another Joyful Training where this time we talk energy. Who are you giving energetic access to? Does this access need to change based on the person and circumstances (energy vampires, anyone?)? Join Shannon as she leads you through a practical way to think about your energy—and who will get access to you based on the criteria you define. This is important as you grow your business—we gotta keep you in your BLISS ZONE!

Meet M. Shannon Hernandez

I believe women + money change the world. I also believe that women in business deserve to be happy and make a shit-ton of money doing what they love.

As a sought-after Marketing Strategist, I help passionate coaches and consultants (and their teams) take their business dreams and build them into reality through Joyful Marketing solutions. Learn more.

Date: 12/9

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