Peggy O’Flaherty lead the training!

Meet Peggy Co-Founder of Mavely!

Mavely is a social e-commerce platform that allows women to earn cash every time they buy a product for themselves or when they share a product with a friend. For every purchase, Mavely users earn cash. We feature 200+ brands that are female-founded and sustainable

At Mavely, Peggy is responsible for building and empowering a community of Mavens who are able to be their own influencers while earning additional income.

An accomplished founder and entrepreneur, prior to Mavely, Peggy co-founded OneParish – Growing the Faith, an app designed to foster engagement within church communities. Her strength in sales and social commerce drove the app to a successful acquisition in 2017. With extensive experience in strategic project management and business development, Peggy has made it her mission to inspire women to achieve success both personally and professionally.

After building a body of expertise from working with MLMs, Peggy was inspired to launch Mavely to disrupt the traditional practices of the industry. Mavely was born from her commitment to finding a better way for women to influence their communities while earning supplemental dividends. As a mother of five, Peggy cites her family and her faith as the force behind her success and her continued drive to empower women. Peggy graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management.

Date: 12/2

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