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The top 4 women’s self-sabotaging money blocks and how to eradicate them

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to stop your money blocks? There are four money blocks that are holding most women back from making more money, working less and living free. What if you could live your life on purpose with passion and have money on demand?

You might be a money block if you do certain things and you might be a money blocker if you don’t do certain things. Learn what some of your money blocks are and the secret to changing them for good.

With over 35 years of prosperity leadership in corporate, government and entrepreneur sector experience, Olympia Hostler, The Queen Of Wealth, loves her work empowering women leaders to eradicate self-sabotaging money blocks so they can work less, make more, and live free™. She has vast experience as a highly sought-after business consultant specializing in quickly making businesses profitable, purposeful and pleasurable. At 33 years old, she became a corporate executive running multi-billion dollar programs and bringing in over $50 million.

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September 17, 2019

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