Minette Riordan led the training!

Creativity is the New Currency of Women’s Leadership

Recent studies by IBM and Workforce show that world leaders cite creativity as the most important skill today’s leaders need to cultivate. LinkedIn claimed creativity as the number one skill companies need today in their 2019 annual report. With the increasing use of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, creativity as a skill becomes more valuable than ever. Creativity is a carrier wave of connection which is why Dr. Minette Riordan argues that creativity is our most valuable currency as transformational leaders. But what is creativity? How do we develop creativity as a skill in ourselves and others, especially when only 1 in 4 people believe they are creative? Dr. Minette Riordan will define what creativity is, share how to tap into your innate creative genius as a transformational leader and powerful ways to nurture creativity in your relationships.

  • Why creativity is the #1 skill women leaders need to cultivate today
  • How to tap into your creative genius to create more connection & influence
  • Simple practices for deepening connection and nurturing creativity in our team


In her business, Minette supports women leaders in reconnecting to their innative creativity to bring more balance and integration of all their gifts and brilliance to the work they do on a daily basis. She sees creativity as essential to leadership and creative play and expression as a form of radical selfcare. How do we make time and space for more play in our full lives?

October 3, 2019

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