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Think of this page as the virtual concierge/Maitre’D/cruise director of your membership. No matter what your challenge or what you’re hoping to achieve, you can turn this page to determine which member resource would serve you best.

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Strategic Matchmaking Service

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Don’t leave it to chance! Tell us who you need to know and what you want to achieve, and we’ll match so you can collaborate powerfully!

  • New Members
  • When you feel stuck
  • You’re ready to meet more strategic matches!

World Café Events

Do you do business internationally (with international clients/operations)? Tap into our global community through a connecting event with deep conversations specifically for you!  Bring your open mind and willing heart, and let’s get to know each other as we tackle the relevant global topics we face as women in business.

  • Doing business internationally 
  • Tackling  topics that are most present as we work across cultures, currencies, and characteristics.
  • Meeting & get to know many members at once

B2B & B2C Connect Hours

Get advice, spotlight your business, ask for what you desire/need, and cross-refer your heart out! These events are worth the bandwidth you’ll dedicate to them.

  • New networking (no business card stealing or email address swiping!)
  • Meeting & get to know many members at once
  • Growing your network beyond just The Dames membership

Enriching Conversations

Deep connection, fierce collaboration, engaging conversation, and a whole lot of fun as we dive into celebration, sales, leadership, and how to shamelessly bring our brilliance and true unique selves to table!

  • Connecting with many members in a short window of time
  • New networking - this isn’t your grandma’s “speed networking”

Next Level Skills Trainings

You request the topics and we source invaluable content from leaders nationwide! Develop yourself, professionally and personally, with the help of our carefully-selected subject matter experts.

  • Help with the topics that stump you
  • When you feel stuck
  • Receiving mentoring in a group setting

Happier Hours & Extravaganza Events

These are our local chapter events in various markets. Connection, humor, education & inspiration. Not a local chapter member? No problem, you can attend for a nominal fee!

  • When you need a laugh or a huge smile
  • Stress relief, smiles, and generally having a GREAT time
  • And of course, connecting, connecting, connecting!

Million Dollar Power Hours

Lessons on how to get your business to that million dollar mark and beyond. Learn from the pitfalls, achievements, and raw, “non-PR -scripted” stories of seven-figure Dames of Influence.

  • When you’re in SERIOUS growth mode
  • Looking for a healthy dose of inspiration
  • When you feel stuck
  • Receiving mentoring in a group setting

Mastermind Calls/Circles

These intimate and connected Dame-to-Dame sessions are structured to help members at the $250K, $500K, $750K, corporate leader, and seven/eight-figure levels. Gaining feedback from a sounding board who understands the inherent challenges at your level is paramount! This is your problem-solving think-tank for hiring, retention, leadership and culture-building.

  • Those times you’re facing issues on major business topics & questions
  • Email your challenges to brianna@thedames.co the topic and we’ll add it to the mastermind calendar!
  • Shouting out to Dames
  • Sharing resources

Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

Don’t leave it to chance! Tell us who you need to know and what you want to achieve, and we’ll match so you can collaborate powerfully!

  • New Members
  • When you feel stuck
  • You’re ready to meet more strategic matches!

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Get the most from your membership, our community, and your time.

Cover iPad - Getting More Out of Your Dames Membership

Get MORE from your membership

What's inside:

  • Insider tips for leveraging your membership
  • Expert advice for making the "Big Ask"
  • 5 ways to fully enjoy The Dames
  • Detailed outline of your member benefits
  • Member stories - see what's possible with The Dames on/by your side!

Grow your business - EFFICIENTLY!

While in most networking organizations, you'll experience that feeling of "being hunted or being on the prowl," that's NOT how we do it in The Dames.

In this workbook, we explain how to identify your potential power partners. Follow the directions, email us your completed copy, and we'll help make connections for you as part of our Strategic Matchmaking service!

Please fill out and return to brianna@thedames.co in the same format. Handwritten or scanned workbooks cannot be received.

Dames Affiliate

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You can expand the Dames community. We'll provide you with the tools you need to spread the word and bring together more powerhouse women like you!

What makes The Dames different?

  • You will only meet women playing at and above your level - that’s the guarantee of our curated community
  • We vet for mindset as much as we do achievement - everyone here has proven they act from a place of radical collaboration
  • Our team hand-matches you with  strategic Power Partners and teaches you to build long-lasting relationships so that you can both achieve your business and life goals!
  • The Dames membership is designed to reduce your time spent networking to just 2-4 hours a month
  • We actively demystify the million dollar mark by platforming women who have been there, done that, and are willingly to vulnerably share what they know