Strategic Planning: Get more out of your business and life!

Becoming a master business planner, a masterful leader in pursuit of your vision and mission, and a responsible steward of your business and it’s unlimited potential. Run your business less riskily, easily, and with more FUN! In this training, we’ll go over the components of a great strategic plan and how to break down your BIG vision into small, actionable steps so you can make progress towards your vision and goals every single day.


Melodi is passionate about empowering people and organizations to be great, and invests considerable focus in the quest for constant, never-ending improvement. The foundation underlying every impulse to improve is a clear vision and a solid strategic action-plan. She truly believes we can create a better world through thoughtful, strategic planning. She has an extensive business education, including nearly two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business investor.

April 18, 2019

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