Mel McSherry lead the training!

How to use Speaking for Free as a Profitable Lead Generator

In this training, you’ll learn about the unlimited potential jackpot of speaking without getting crushed by overwhelm.

You’ll learn how to create a signature talk that not only highlights you and your story but also how the problems you can solve with your customized services or career experience that will separate you from the pack.

This includes:

  • fleshing out your speaking points
  • how to share your story
  • create a customized, lead generating offer or call to action to move your audience

All with the goal of ensuring you profitable leads, pinpointed action, and/or faster sales on the spot!

About Mel:

Mel is an International Business Development Coach and Speaker. Since 2010, she has launched two successful businesses, tripled her annual income and become an Amazon Best Selling author, all while raising her 8 year old son.

March 17, 2020

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