Mari Geasair lead the training!

Virtual Presentations that Inspire Action!

We will cover 5 brain science-based ways that virtual presentations are fundamentally different than live events and how you can use that knowledge to shine online. We will walk attendees through a detailed road-map of 3 must-dos and 7 must-NOT-dos when they are ready to leave virtual audiences inspired, engaged, and ready to put the message into practical action. I use a mixture of activities, discussion, lecture, and on-the-spot examples to help attendees actively engage with the material.

Meet Mari

Mari Geasair helps women entrepreneurs, leaders, and subject matter experts access their authentic charisma and shine both on stage and on video. She is passionate about helping women with a vision translate their inspiration into impact. Mari offers live training and on-demand video instruction in Virtual Presenting and Video Performance Skills. Her work is grounded in 20+ years of experience in marketing, business strategy, public speaking, and professional live theater performance. Mari is a member of the National Speakers’ Association and the International Coach Federation and is a Certified Virtual Presenter. She has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years- so she knows firsthand the real struggles and the lasting rewards of sharing your voice and building your dreams.

October 29, 2020

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