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The Bigger Message in the Book
Writing a book is not for the faint of heart and many people dive in without exploring their fundamental message and story.  This sets them up for disappointment when they end up with a mess they don’t want to publish, or if they do, they half heartedly promote it  (can you say book doorstops?).
Let’s avoid this book abandonment, ladies!
Hopeful authors think that procrastination, lack of writing experience and time are what hold them back from achieving their book dream, but that is not the truth.  Lacking the fundamental footwork pre writing the book can kick all those hinderances to the curb, and also assure you will produce a concise and entertaining book.  Knowledge is power, and once you know how to organize your expertise and stories on paper, nothing will stand in the way of your up-level to best-selling author.
Join Book Coach to Best Sellers® Kim O’Hara for an educational and inspirational class to help you launch with a firm understanding of the foundation of your story.  You will realize when you create with structure and clarity, you can give the biggest gift away to someone who is still stuck or silenced – your story.
Walkaways include :
  • Discovery of the Why of your Story
  • What the heck is a Reader Avatar?
  • How to find the Theme of your book (without adding the whole kitchen sink)
  • How to write that one signature story or inciting incident (may not be the one you think!)

Is 2021 the year you finally say Yes to writing that book?  With the proper foundational work, Kim O’Hara’s lesson on the bigger message can help you move the needle in that direction.    Or at the least, some book therapy! **added bonus

Book Coach to Best Sellers® Kim O’Hara knows how to get to the root of the story.  She guides her clients from the dream of writing a best-selling book through the creation to publishing and marketing.  Her authors have been on the Wall Street Journal top ten business books lists, USA Today top 150 and numerous Amazon #1 best seller lists as well as #1 in all of non-fiction. She has been a storyteller for over thirty years with a previous career as a movie producer and screenwriter.  She also has a successful podcast You Should Write A Book About That®  where she interviews fascinating people with a story to tell.  Her own memoir Awoke faces the effects of sexual abuse denial and recovery.

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Date: 1/19

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