How to use Intuition to Create a Soul-Aligned Business and Life

You will discover…

  • How to connect with Intuitive Guidance
  • The biggest mistake you will make in regards to following your intuition
  • Knowing what soul-alignment FEELS like so you can follow it

Message from Keri:

Thank you so much for having me on The Dames. It was an honor to share that powerful training with you. I’d love to hear your biggest takeaways. Please feel free to email me at to share your thoughts or ask more questions. Or even better… find me on FB and message me.

I have a SUPER SPECIAL for The DAMES. This is not for ANYONE else because it’s a SUPER VALUABLE BONUS… but because I love Meghann and you ladies…

SEEN is a program to help you energetically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically… release those blocks that are stopping you from stepping even more deeply into your soul’s work and putting yourself out there to be seen and have that global impact that you so deeply desire.

We are diving deep into the healing work and releasing out of your energetic field all that isn’t serving you. We’ll be doing more quantum activations. It’s gonna be EPIC.


When you sign up to join me in my new program SEEN… I’ll do a Quantum Healing one on one clearing with you. These take about 1.5 hours. They are deep dive healing and blowing the limitations you are STUCK in out of your energy field. They are transformational. On their own… the value is $333.

If you watch today’s training, you will see the power of what I am talking about. Everyone left in BLISS… and that is only a TASTE of what a full Quantum Healing session with me would be like.

On top of that… There is a Fast action Bonus that for the first 3 people to sign up… they get a numerology report done by me valued at $296. It’s an in depth report on your personal and business numbers

In these charts I use feng shui, colours, crystals, and other rituals to give you resources that help you energetically stay aligned to your soul.

AND… ONE MORE BONUS… As if that wasn’t enough…

I ran a program called ‘The Ripple Effect’ a few years ago.

It was a profound program that helped one of the ladies grow her FB group from hundreds to multiple thousands very quickly and have a VERY ENGAGED and active group.

It’s all about moving your work from 1 to 1 to 1 to many. This is how you create leverage in your business so that you can reach more people and create a greater level of impact without burning yourself out or capping yourself with one to one work.

Many people want to do this step, but don’t know how to work with groups of people. Like anything in life… it’s a skill to be learned if you want to be great at holding space for multiple people in your programs/groups.

Truly… This is an EPIC program and a seriously valuable BONUS.

I charged $300 for this originally and it was worth every penny.

Yours as a BONUS for joining SEEN.

These bonuses ALONE are valued at MORE than the cost of the training itself.

It’s a no brainer really if you want to overcome your shit to move forward even powerfully into your dreams… your impact… your legacy.

You can join me here…

If you have any other questions that come up from today please feel free to reach out. Email me at or send me a PM on FB messenger (mention your from The Dames).

Bring on the magic…


May 14, 2019

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