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Thriving in Times of Change

‘Thriving in Times of Change’ is focused on leaders creating the capacity to do more by helping people feel more connected – to their work, to you, to the organization and to each other. The objective of this session is to equip you with three specific practices that, when used repeatedly, will help you create the capacity to do more.

This is perfect for women in corporate because: what you focus on grows. Demands being placed on leaders today are becoming increasingly complex. Not only are they being given more diverse job responsibilities, but they are also experiencing more change that is increasingly unfamiliar and unpredictable. Leaders need to be resilient, agile and flexible to lead their teams and their organization to success amidst uncertainty and an unprecedented level of change. This session provides access to practices that are fundamental and foundational to this work.

This is applicable for entrepreneurs who: are finding themselves needing to do more with less. Or do more with what they have. And are unsure of what to do and where to start or continue. How do you create the capacity to do more when it seems everything is in short supply? This session provides access to practices that are fundamental and foundational to this work in what can feel like uncharted territory (and can initially feel scary and anxiety-inducing!)

About Jolene:

Jolene Clark is the Chief People Whisperer at Redhead Momentum, an HR consulting firm based in Denver, CO. She works with clients of all sizes and industries on where and how manageable shifts need to take place for the business to achieve its goals.

Jolene shares a strategy, structure and support for business leaders to use to build and strengthen their teams, resulting in a sustainable culture of success! She’s the stereotypical sassy redhead you need in your life. Trust me.

April 15, 2020

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