LinkedIn Part 3: Strategic Search & Powerful Content

Go back and watch part 1 and part 2 before this training! In this training, Ellen Melko Moore and Meghann Conter will tag team to teach you:

  • How to create your LI Intention/plan
  • How to Search for and Find your ideal connections
  • CONTENT: What do I post, how much can I share?

And many other things that are critical to using LI like the “Top 1%!”

About Ellen

Ellen Melko Moore started out teaching rhetoric and persuasive voice at the University of Denver, and she’s never gotten over her obsession with communication that inspires people to take action. She’s done brand consulting work for Oprah Winfrey, The Early Show, and the Zappos guys, and now creates and teaches LinkedIn social selling strategies for some of the top thought leaders in the digital marketing space. A lifelong fan of literary fiction and hip hop, Ellen is grateful to be here on the planet at the same exact time as Eckhart Tolle, Seth MacFarlane, and all of you

July 21, 2020

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