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Seven Potent Qualities to Cultivate Business Success

High-performing women in business often face negative internal chatter that they don’t know how to quiet. Come join Debra Valentina as she shares with us seven potent qualities to cultivate to overcome this critical voice. In this training, you will discover practical ways to use these seven qualities to become a more effective business leader with grace and ease. And you will leave with a more peaceful mind!

Debra Valentina, Founder and Principal of Creativing, is an intuitive business and life coach for entrepreneurs and executives, as well as an international inspirational speaker and author. Her third book, a memoir entitled Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy was published in March.

Prior to founding Creativing, Debra was a serial entrepreneur, having owned three successful healthcare businesses. She started her career as a managed healthcare executive with Kaiser, Travelers Health Network, and FirstHealth.

One of her greatest delights is to empower women and men to get beyond their doubts and fears to fully express their unique talents, claim their seat at the table, and experience freedom and joy.

November 4, 2020

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