Michelle Tollar and Cindy Groves will be leading the training!

Don’t leave your business A$$ETS exposed

Financial and Risk Management is a PROACTIVE must in extremely difficult times of uncertainty. That is why Cindy and Michelle, have teamed up as information partners. This training will look at the financial fall out, planning and assessing risk management and how to build an active plan.

You’ll walk away:

  • Understanding how to gather what you will need to create informed financial and risk mitigation tactics to
  • Work a process to identify the costs of your ‘pivot’ and what you will need to move forward.
  • Having a strategy for getting an immediate boost to your cash flow

About Michelle

For close to two decades, Michelle has worked with families and business to better allocate risk capital/premium on their insurance policies to maximize the cost/benefit of their policies.
Her purpose and passion are protecting your future, today. Everyone is different. I’ll make the process of insurance approachable and quite possibly interesting. To meet life’s ever-changing circumstances, I will partner closely with you to ensure a level of protection that addresses your ongoing needs and provides lasting peace of mind.

About Cindy

With over 28 years in banking, I work to help small to midsize business owners achieve and sustain economic success. I act as an advocate and resource for my clients. If I am unable to help, I work to find a solution through my network. I am proud to be at Mountain View Bank of Commerce where we live our core values of Entrepreneurship, Loyalty, Commitment to Community, Integrity and Maximizing Potential

Date: 8/25

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