Brenda Abdilla will be leading the training!

Time Rehab

If there was a “fountain of youth” for time management, we’d all be drinking from it! What most of us need is to significantly rehabilitate our entire relationship with time. And this is preceded by a giant mindset shift. In this Next Level Skills Training, Brenda will deliver that shift and:

  • Which of the 6 key areas you need to rehab as it relates to time.
  • A new model to view your strengths – and challenge areas
  • How new brain science can help you manage time
  • How to prioritize in a completely new way


Brenda is a highly experienced coach, facilitator, speaker and author with a long track record working with individuals and teams to increase their leadership effectiveness, and professional career results. She is the CEO of Management Momentum, based in Denver, and she also works as a key member of the coaching and training team for Well-Connected Leader, based in California and runs the Executive Coach department for Powers Resource Center. Brenda is the facilitator/chair of a Denver chapter of the Woman Presidents’ Organization.

Frequently hired as a keynote or breakout session speaker for conventions and conferences, Brenda’s clients include Comcast/Xfinity, Medtronic, WPO, Sheridan Press, Xcel Energy and The Women in Transportation. She also has experience facilitating executive leadership groups and creating custom material to help audiences organize their thinking in a fresh and practical way.
Brenda started her first company at aged 29, developing and delivering curriculum in sales, management and customer service for the hospitality industry. She delivered programs in Russia, England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

September 12, 2019

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