Amber Swenor lead the training!

For Amber Swenor, her journey in building her business has been just as much about intentional BEING as it is DOING.

It’s about looking inside ourselves at what we choose to shed and leave behind along with what we choose to powerfully claim and step into.

Amber jokes that if you stay in business long enough eventually you will experience it all: you will lose money, make money, you’ll be sued, have to sue someone, be lied to and stolen from, and experience fraud, but on the other side: you will grow and expand in more ways than you ever thought possible, you will become more resilient and will no longer fear the challenges that come with business, because you will stand strong trusting that everything is part of the process as you are guided forward by your inner knowing, the truth that resonates from your Soul Seed.

As a soulful business strategist Amber started Strategic Partners Marketing, a brand strategy and marketing firm for small businesses in April 2015. In less than four years growing to a $1M+ marketing firm. In 2016 she began coaching other women in business, eventually naming that side of the business: Impact Academy.

Date: 11/5

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