Welcome, Dames!

We’re here to help you grow, learn, and deepen the impact you make on the world. No matter what your challenge or what you’re hoping to achieve, the resources, content, and connections available within your member portal can help get you there!

Is The Dames right for you?

  • Are you impact-driven, growth focused, AND generous?

  • Do you value forming genuine, collaborative connections over making transactional ones?  (which – let’s face it – are so draining!)

  • Would having a circle of peers who can give you actionable, relevant advice make all the difference in your ability to reach your goals?

  • Are you running a six or seven figure business? OR Do you hold a Director’s role (or higher) in a large organization?

The Dames Membership includes this and so much more:

  • Strategic matchmaking – we’ll match you with fearless collaborators, mentors, and thought partners playing at your level

  • Resources and training to help you meet and exceed the million dollar mark

  • Events that keep you informed, inspired, and connected

  • Laughter, support, and fun on the regular

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